Visiting Forts in Tuscany

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So we departed from Florence at about 9am and was joined by this lovely and pretty tour guide (all the Malaysian men were going gaga over her. LOL). So she brought us on a walking tour to a few forts in Chianti, an area in the Tuscany region (or Toscana in Italian), but it was such a downer because it was raining throughout the day. Thankfully our guide wasn’t the old and boring kind. hahahaa.

these cuteeee little magnets with real pastas in it!! wah I wanna buy all.
these cuteeee little magnets with real pastas in it!! Seriously wanna buy all.

I got a few unique souvenirs from this quaint little souvenir shop selling things made in Tuscany. Wasn’t cheap, but I figured I wouldn’t be able to find them anywhere else. Next time I gotta go back and hunt for these damn cute pasta magnets man! Gonna stick them all over my refrigerator. hahaha.

Then, to cheer our spirits up a little, our guide brought us to her favourite gelato hangout, Gelateria Artigianale L’Antica Delizia, best in Italy she said. I would say best too because its one of the cheapest gelato I’ve ever had! Three flavours for just €2.50! And all the flavours I’ve tried tasted awesome. I ended up ordering something like uh…Ricotta Fichi, Biscotti, and Buro..? I can’t remember, please don’t take my word for it. hahaha.

the farfelle pasta that we mistook for starters =="
the farfelle pasta that we mistook for starters ==”

Then we had lunch at this petite house, and got very confused by the SOP of italian menus again because they served this ribbon pasta (or farfelle) to share. And we thought it was still the starters, so we didn’t eat much of it, I literally ate only about 10 pieces? Being too afraid that we couldn’t finish the main later. And little did we know….dessert was served right after they took away the whole plate of pasta. And we were all like…??? My dad was like calling for them to bring back the bread because we were all still hungry. Hahahaa. 7 days of eating 3 course meals and still being puzzled time and time again by the menu order. sigh pie.

We then stop by this small wine shop for some wine-tasting, but dad and I don’t drink alcohol so I can’t do any review on that. It got a little boring in there because it was still raining outside and we had no where else to go. Our guide was so sporting! She’s actually a professional Indian dancer (but she’s full european) and she dances for a hobby. The Malaysian guys started to ask her to dance for us, and she did! She still braided her hair, took off her shoes and stuck on the Bindi on her forehead, and had the music in her phone. Talk about being prepared. loll.

After which it was a 3 hour ride to Bologna for a night’s stop over. We arrived at the city at about 6.30pm and had some time before dinner so some of us decided to walk to the city center for a bit. Pretty much the boring-est town ever. Glad we were only there for a night. Haha. And after that it was the usual, dinner, shower, editing of pics and crash!

Next post will be about heading to a brick factory and outlet shopping in Venice! *winks winks* Meanwhile you can keep in the loop at my instagram account @phoebe.philo or my Facebook Album #BeeingInEurope for the rest of the images of the trip. I’ve been constantly updating there as well (:

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