An 11th Hour production.

This video is made for the CS2006 Visual Literacy & Communications module but it is definitely much more than just a grade. We hope that the moral of the story would continue to spread even as this module comes to an end.

Through the video we want to encourage more acts of kindness. We were inspired by an online story, the short film “Pay It Forward” and the video “Kindness Boomerang”. Spreading kindness and paying it forward is the main message we want to convey. We should treat others how we would like to be treated.

It was a great and fun experience for us though we were greenhorns at video production. It was difficult but we made it (: We even met kind souls along the way. There was a tourist who helped our ‘transport mover’ pick up the boxes that were dropped and a group of passers-by thought that it was a real robbery and actually nabbed the thief! Even the making of the video was filled with kindness from strangers (:

Last but not least, we sincerely thank all the people that made this production possible.

Special thanks to
Our tutors:
Tzang Merwyn & Samantha Sng

The Cast:
Seamus See, Elisa Baath, Gautum Param, Hong Kah Jun and Cindy Tan (Phoebe’s mother)

The 11th Hour Production team:
Producer/Director – Phoebe Tan
Director – Heng Yi Ling
Casting/Editor – Eyu Zhi Wei
Props/Assistant Editor – Tham Yiling
Script/Assistant Props – Ong Xue Li

View our presentation for the project here : What Goes Around Comes Around Prezi Presentation

  • Project Type Videography
  • Purpose Music Video / Short Film
  • Role Director, Producer, Editor
  • Skills Needed Premier Pro