A school initiated project called Design Innovation Project (DIP) by the year 2 Information Engineering & Media (IEM) students from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), 2012.

The Wheelson is a toy car where the hardwares were modified using the Arduino micro-controller. The Arduino is then controlled by the Android technology (phone). Laser tag was incorporated into the car to create a game out of the product, with live streaming from the camera on the car so that the player does not have to look at the car, kinda like how James Bond did(:

I had the privilege of directing and producing the promotional video with the help of my team mates. And added a little stop-motion element to it as well, with a tint of nostalgia ;)

Group Members:
Wilson Low (our Leader) – we named the car after our boss!!
Jaslyn Wong
Wong Shi Wei
Alishia Chiang
Phoebe Tan
Heng Yiling
Tham Yiling
Eyu Zhi Wei
Yu Ming Dong
Teh Kai Wen

View our presentation for the project here : The Wheelson Prezi Presentation

  • Project Type Videography
  • Purpose Promo Video for the Product
  • Role Director, Producer, Editor
  • Skills Needed Premier Pro