A SP&NKS Studios Production.

While on the way to his car, he witnessed a suspicious scene that led to him being stuck in a sequence of unfortunate events. Based on the mobius concept.

My biggest production yet, for the CS 2070 Single Camera Production Module. Spent two entire nights on location filming, with supposedly 500 man hours put into it! Many thanks to the award winning acting by our lead actor and my cousin’s gangster character that really brought the whole feel to the video. And of course the whole crew’s hard hard work.

Its not the usual genre that I normally do, but we felt the concept was cool and went with the flow. So please take this video with a pinch of salt. M16 for coarse language and violence.

(PS. for my non-chinese friends, our video title is 有人, meaning Someone’s There.)

Special thanks to
Our tutor:
Ian Oliver

The Cast:
Hong Kah Jun, Kenneth Tan, Chan Chin Kheng

SP&NKS Studios:
Director – Phoebe Tan
Director of Photography – Nicholas Kwan
Producers – Kenneth Wong, Sheryl Yeo
Sound – Shawn Tan

  • Project Type Videography
  • Purpose Short Film
  • Role Director, Storyboarding, Special Effects
  • Skills Needed After Effects, Lightroom