Philo Design

“Hello, I’m phoebe philo tan, a Singapore-based designer / photographer focused on creating beautiful brands & collateral with an organic touch.”  – Read more about me here.

Having freelanced for almost a year, while observing and learning the ropes from fellow graphic designers online, I found it crucial that I start to brand myself. Doing that will put me out there, look more professional to my clients, and provides a good platform to consolidate my entire portfolio which covers a wide range of things!

Branding others is one thing, but to brand yourself is really a challenge. I find inspiration in so many things, and to narrow them down to a few that can be reflected through my site was quite an arduous task. And I’m glad that after many months of preparation, it has finally paid off. A site and brand that resonates strongly with me and my style.


To decide on the theme, I had to ask myself what my interest was in. And five main things came to mind: watercolour calligraphy, galaxies, minimalism, film photography and the colour teal. It took me quite a while to process and think through, and somehow I’ve managed to mash them altogether to produce what you see on this site. Hopefully the elements were able to stand out (subtly) to you one way or the other when browsing the pages!


I wanted to create a site that was simple and really easy to navigate without the user going too deep into the hierarchy to see the different pieces of work. And also one that feels friendly and cosy without looking too cold. After doing quite a bit of research and studying other portfolio sites, I decided against the one page and blogging site styles and came up with the current layout, with most of the pages accessible from the home page itself.

The home page slider sets the tone for the rest of the site with the teal lettering set against monochrome film images. Teal was used as the primary and hover colour throughout the site. The dark grey specks/galaxy pattern was used as the footer and feature background across the site for a consistent colour scheme. The Portfolio was a huge headache, and I finally settled on a grid layout and broke it up into 8 main categories that focused more on the visuals than words. So I really do hope you had an enjoyable experience!

The entire website was created with WordPress.

  • Project Type Branding
  • Skills Needed Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Wordpress
  • Client Yours Truly
  • Year 2015
  • Website