• Marina Square Shopping Mall


  • Neighbor Pte Ltd


  • Pitched a series of Branding (Fashion / F&B / Lifestyle) & GSS visuals for the shopping mall
  • Style direction : Colour Pop, Vibrant, Fun, Quirky


We have decided to adopt Pop Colours, as the main unifying theme for this concept. Colours are a key factor for consumers when it comes to instant recognition of a brand.

The usage of these brilliant colours and avant-garde design approach will bring Marina Square to the next level in reflecting the mall’s interesting diversity of tenant offerings, akin to the brand’s positioning. Making a bold statement and appealing to the younger audience. The colour mechanism will drive the visual communications to convey the message that Marina Square is a shopping haven at the bay, abuzz with activities.

This consistent theme will be utilised across all campaigns to build awareness for the mall, to enforce Marina Square as the preferred shopping mall, and the perfect F&B destination. With all the excitement and buzz built up for Marina Square, it will definitely attract quality shoppers to visit the mall to increase the sales of tenants.


Disclaimer: Visuals used are meant for representation purposes only. Copyright belongs to the respective owners.

  • Project Type Pitch for Marina Square's Agency
  • Role Art Director, Designer
  • Skills Needed Photoshop, InDesign
  • Project Year 2016