A gestalt study on animals in monochrome, then later painted with acrylic in warm and cool hues. What do you see in the negative spaces? (:


The painting gives a very cool and caling effect as blue (fish) and teal (turtle) depicts the colours of the deep ocean, i.e. water. The deep ocean was chosen because of its intense colours with hints of light hues to bring out the contrast of the shapes of the animals. These two creatures can also be found in the ocean, to better aid the viewer in relating to the mood of the painting.


The outstanding hues of red and yellow (frog) are typically used to depict the colours of fire. While brown (bat), which makes up the other half of the painting also gives off a warm feel as it portrays earth. These two animals can be found in the dense jungle, an environment usually described as warm and humid.

  • Project Type Paint
  • Materials/Medium Acrylic on Paper
  • Year 2011