Fudan University

The students from NTU all studied in Shanghai JiaoTong (the top 2nd university in Shanghai) when we were there for exchange for a Work & Study programme. Which meant we didn’t get to study in their top and biggest university campus there called Fudan University.

So my colleagues and I went to visit one of the interns in our company studying there and she brought us on an excursion of the campus! The campus was filled with lots of greenery with roads covered in canopies of trees, and pockets of peace with ponds where couples could go for dates. Just outside the campus gates were small carts serving delicious shanghai street food (my favourite part!)

Down the street from the campus was this stretch called University Avenue, lined with bistros and cafes. Many expats can be found here just chilling and chatting while having a coffee. And we had to too. It was so difficult to even choose one!

From my first few weeks of a half year stint in Shanghai, taken with a Honeywell Pentax that I purchased from a camera mall in the city, on my first few rolls of film.

  • Project Type Film Photography
  • Gear Used Vintage Honeywell Pentax, Expired Fujifilm Superia 200
  • Year 2013