Engineering Class of 2014

The seven of us met during NTU’s Engineering Orientation Camp way back in 2010. The four of us girls happened to be from Information Engineering & Media, while the guys were from Aerospace Engineering. Needless to say, we were closely knit ever since going through all the insanity in camp together!

As grad shoots were all the rage, we wanted to commemorate our friendship and graduation in our gowns, but were unwilling to fork out money for a pro, so……. I self-shot our entire shoot! After researching on a great location and all of us cooperating to bring the various props (yes we brought real electric & acoustic guitars, the whole works), and was blessed with amazing weather (not completely sunny, but that right amount of cloudiness), it was a success! And glad we had so much fun while trying not to think about melting in our gowns. Haha!

(Please click on the images to view its full resolution! The website kinda degrades the previews.)

  • Project Type Graduation Shoot
  • Gears Used Olympus OM-D EM1, LUMIX G 20mm f/1.7
  • Location The Green Corridor
  • Year 2014