7 Treasures Old Town

7 Treasures Old Town, the direct translation of  七宝古镇, an ancient town in the middle of the cosmopolitan city. Such an irony! But a gem to discover. On days where we didn’t have the time to travel out of Shanghai to visit the many other ancient towns of the city, this old little town gives us a glimpse into what life was like in the old days.

But of course, the place has now been so commercialized for tourists that its filled to the brim with souvenirs and food food food!

From my first few weeks of a half year stint in Shanghai, taken with a Honeywell Pentax that I purchased from a camera mall in the city, on my first few rolls of film.

  • Project Type Film Photography
  • Gear Used Vintage Honeywell Pentax, Expired Fujifilm Superia 200
  • Year 2013