Pisa & Florence

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So on the 25th of October at 2am (or something like that), all the clocks in Europe winds back by 1 hour due to daylight saving time. Which meant it was kind of a mess about what time we were suppose to wake up and be down for the bus to leave Milan. Hahaha. I’m still confused. lol. So we had to wake up at 5.30am and were piled in the bus by 6.30am with our breakfasts packed for us by Marriott Hotel. And it was a 3.5 hours drive to Pisa (which means sleep time!).

This would actually be the second time in Pisa for me (yes again), but I forgot about all the history I’ve heard the previous time which is a good thing…. so we had a guide for a 2 hour morning tour, then took a ton of pictures, had a really yummy lunch at this beautiful restaurant called Il Turista Ristorante (I actually managed to find it on Tripadvisor! Pats myself on the back) & got ourselves some souvenirs from those carts lining the streets. One thing different this time is that the people manning the carts are actually Bangladeshis (there used to be more blacks). And my dad started chatting with the one we were buying from about how he has bangla workers too, and the bangla was saying he had some friends working in Singapore and said Singapore is a very nice place. Found that kinda interesting (:

After that it was a 1 hour drive to Florence where we dropped off our luggage at the hotel, Palazzo Ricasoli Residence, and the bus took us to the best vantage point to see Florence’s beautiful skyline. It really looked so calm and serene, I couldn’t stop snapping pictures of it before the sun sets. You can see the river, the bridges, the main monuments, the Duomo, and all the buildings that make Florence what it is. I guess I’ll have to come back again with my better half (:


The beautiful skyline of Florence. In love.
The beautiful skyline of Florence. In love.


Next post will be about shopping in Florence! Meanwhile you can keep in the loop at my instagram account @phoebe.philo or my Facebook Album #BeeingInEurope for the rest of the images for the trip. I’ve been constantly updating there as well (:

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