Outlet Shopping & Walking Tour in Venice

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So on the morning of day 08, we packed up and left the hotel to the brick factory for a visit, which was about 20 minutes away. But brick factories are boring so I shan’t blog about it and skip right to our outlet shopping after lunch! It was a rainy day, so it was perfect for shopping instead of sightseeing. And everybody on the tour bus (including the men okay!) wanted to shop as it was the last second day they had in Italy (but this Italy leg was just the first half of our trip for my dad and i).

Anyway, after the lunch that the bosses of the brick factory prepared for us and visiting two more sites, everybody was pretty restless as it was…about 4-ish pm by then and you know how early shops close in Europe right?! End up we only had about 2 hours to shop before the bus would leave for our hotel for the night. So we headed to the Noventa Di Piave, another one under the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet on mainland Venice.

The entire place was outdoors, which means each boutique was kinda “standalone” but connected to each other. When you walk out the doors of the boutique, you walk out into the open. So technically it being rainy was a pain. But thankfully it was drizzling by then as we were all running around like mad men trying to marathon the place in 2 freaking hours?! We spent so much time in Diesel because my dad went back to get his coveted Leather Aviator Bomber Jacket that we simply can’t find a better one elsewhere. There was also a promotion (on the already discounted prices) of 20% off a certain amount which my dad definitely hit coz his jacket was helluva expensive at €430, which entitled him to literally a ‘free pair of jeans’. I think the original price of the jacket was easily twice that, so my dad insisted that it was an investment. Hahaha. Aiya, also not my money, how i argue right? Just glad to see him happy.

our Fossil haul. oops. hahaha

Because after which i quickly dragged him to Fossil, which was where all the discounts are at and we were running out of time! Fossil (from USA) is considered ‘branded’ i guess, but compared to Gucci, Prada & Chanel etc., it is literally small fry. So….this was what happened…

Just let me explain our splurge, everything was soooo cheaappppp. The watches were practically discounted from something like €300+ down to €60. Can you believe it?! So my dad picked some out for his staff. Now’s a good time to work for him eh? ;) And all the wallets were discounted to €18 (muahahaha). So he got more for his workers and the top left two is for my sis and i. I’m already using my second Fossil Sydney wallet in maroon, so with this one, I’m seriously set for life. hahaha.

And that bucket bag? *guilty look* i had no intention of buying it because the original price was €189, and the outlet price was €120. Which didn’t seem enticing to me. Until the lady told me that it was the last day of special discount for that bag with an additional 30% off the outlet price, and it turned out to be €84. lol. BUY BUY BUY. hahahaha. i was literally going insane in there okay. no joke. grabbing everything. In my defence, i hardly bought anything for myself (or anything branded for that matter) during the trip so far, and these were our only haul. My dad actually bought much more than me. LOL. And we still could claim 12% rebates at the airport which made everything even better! (but that ended with a sad story, which i will elaborate in later posts)


Bus / Water bus ticket.

And on to day 09 when we actually step into the water city of Venice (or Venezia in Italian)! As we were staying on mainland and not in the actual Venice (because its really much more expensive there), we had to leave our hotel at about 8.30am to catch a bus to Venice and then later a water bus to St Marco (the main square). The tickets look the same (but differently printed), and had to be purchased separately if I’m not wrong. Like 1 ticket is only for to & fro for EITHER the bus or water bus trip. So you’ll have to keep both tickets separately and not mix them up! Do i make sense?

We met our tour guide at St Marco’s Square and had a 2 hour long walking tour. And we were quite sadden to learn that Venice is sinking. I mean we’ve all heard about it one way or another due to global warming and the city being surrounded by water and all, but its really different when you see it and are in the middle of it. When we got back to St Marc’s square, half of it was flooded. And the guide told us that Venice now floods at least 200 days a year because their Mayor stole the money meant for fixing the drainage system. And you’d feel so helpless. Sigh. So do visit Venice while you still can!

Our walking tour ended at the Murano Glass Showcase, where this artisan showed us how he sculpted a horse in a matter of seconds! He was seriously so quick as the glass was really hot and it has to be sculpted when it is still molten. All the artisans are passed down by generations, so he was taught by his father. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, there’s this youtube video here that is the same thing. Not taken by me though.



But as my dad and I were not that interested in the Murano glassware, i mean they were really pretty and cool, but too delicate for us to haul through the next half of our trip and we didn’t really see the need for it. And since it was free time till lunch, so my dad and i left the group to walk around the alleys by ourselves. Because i was on a mission to find some calligraphy scribe shops to buy some souvenirs.

I remember coming across this really pretty vintage shop full of calligraphy materials, quills, and ink pots the first time my sis and i stumbled into when we were in Venice 3 years ago. But i couldn’t find it anywhere, so i had to settle for some of the other shops selling them. They were many in the same area. The most famous one is called SCRIBA, which was the one i ended up buying from. The shop owner was so kind and patient, i would totally recommend him if you’re looking for similar stuff! He let me choose across the different sets available, the pen barrel, the nibs, down to the colour of the ink. I got one set for €19 & another for €25. Pretty okay i felt. (Click on the images to enlarge)

2015-11-02-10.38.21-6After a seafood filled lunch (which I’m not a fan of), our whole group got on a boat and sailed over to Burano, another picturesque town known for its colourful houses. And as it was quite a distance from the main Venezia, there weren’t a lot of people there! Which made the atmosphere perfect for some serene sightseeing. My dad was actually looking around for small inns or airbnbs so that he could bring my mum there next time! Really such a pretty and peaceful town, i can imagine myself waking up to a scene like that (:

There wasn’t really much activities there though, just some souvenirs shops, restaurants and gelato. Mostly picture-taking and watching the sunset (need i mention that the sunset there was just amazingly gorgeous with all the silhouettes?!) and after which we headed back to St Marco’s so some of the rest could do more shopping while my dad, uncle charlie and i had some coffee with our tour minder Noemi. We had a nice time just chit-chatting about her job, and our backgrounds and just the world in particular as she’s a full-time tour guide. Was a very nice session! So sad that it was our last day together and the next day my dad and i were leaving for Germany. This post is madly long now, so i shall stop!

Next post will be about heading to Freiburg, Germany, to visit my sis! Meanwhile you can keep in the loop at my instagram account @phoebe.philo where i’ll update about my blog postings or my Facebook Album #BeeingInEurope for the rest of the images of the trip. I’d updated there as well (:

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