Milan Duomo + World Expo

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So blogging during the trip is really harder than I thought! Any free time I have during the day, like travelling on the bus, waiting for food, waiting for people etc, I’ll be filtering my photos or editing them on my phone. And sometimes the hotel doesn’t have wifi in the room so I wouldn’t be able to upload till the next day and stuff like that. And after bathing I’ll just be nodding off while trying to finish up the everything. lol! So pardon me for the delay in blog posts! Even my instagram posts are a day late. hahaha. Just too many things happening in the day man.

Anyway, lets cut to the main part of this post about the second day of our trip when we flew over to Milan, Italy, from Dusseldorf. It’s actually my second time in this city, but I didn’t really travel around much the last time, so this time round our tour group had a guide and I expected to learn more things. But…I think I still end up without any new information. Hahaha. Dad and I concluded that Milan is actually more relaxing than Paris. The pavements are wider, there’s less graffiti, and even if the place was crowded, for some reason it wasn’t as noisy. Do I make any sense? Haha. And coffee was cheap everywhere! We had 3 cafe macchiatos & 2 pastrami wraps for €10 in total. And the coffees are averagely priced at about €1.60? Much better and cheaper than Starbucks or any coffee joint in Singapore. I’ve been downing at least 2 cups a day…Haha!

So for the second day, we headed towards the Duomo and the shopping district, since thats pretty much what Milan is about. The Duomo Cathedral was just as beautiful as I remembered, we didn’t bother to enter as the queue was insane as usual, and the piazza in front of it was crowded due to the MTV concert being held there those few days. So what did we do? Shop and eat gelato! But shopping with 20 people is no easy task. We spent a lot of time waiting around. Oh well…ouldn’t wait to get back to the hotel for dinner. And that was the end of day 2. Pretty mehh huh.



On Day 03, we headed to the World Expo Milan, 2015. We reached at around 8.30am, which was super early, but already so many people were arriving! In one of the pictures above you can see the massive crowd stretched throughout the expo at around lunch period. Every single exhibit had really long lines, so we started picking which exhibit to view according to how short the line was. Lol. Which pretty much meant we gave up after viewing 4 of them. I never attended a World Expo before so I never knew what it was about. So if you’ve never been to one, its pretty much about each country showcasing what their country has to offer and their culture or inventions. And if they have bigger budgets, they got to house it in a nice building with nice designs etc etc. After lunch, the tour group had to decide whether to stay or to go back to Milan for shopping. No prizes for guessing the outcome ;)

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