Laumans’ Tile Factory

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Finally have a little time to update about my trip! haha. I really hope I’ll continue to have the liberty to edit, upload these photos and blog for the remainder of the trip. Anyway, the reason this trip to Europe (yes again) exists is because I’m accompanying my dad for a work trip for the front half, and we’ll visit my sister chloe (who is on exchange) later for a short holiday for the second half.

My dad works in a roofing company, so we’ll be visiting roof related factories and such. So on the first day, after flying for some 15 hours, we finally reached Dusseldorf airport and was picked up by the boss of Laumans’ company. We went straight to the factory, sat in for a 2 hour presentation (no I’m not taking over my dad’s company, so I just kept myself occupied with the bountiful spread of chocolates. hahaha!), a small lunch, and was then shown around the factory grounds in the mild rain. We saw the process of how the tiles were made, I’ve never saw anything like it! So I was rather intrigued (:

We only spent one night in the city and flew off to Milan, Italy, first thing the next morning! Shall talk more about that in the next post ~ Keep in the loop at my instagram account @phoebe.philo or my Facebook Album #BeeingInEurope for the rest of the images for the trip. I’ll be constantly updating there as well!

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