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Credits to my travel buddy, Chermain.

I’m phoebe…..and it’s been a long time since I’ve been blogging! So I guess I’ll pick it up again, updating this space with random thoughts, inspirations, projects and trips! I’m not really punctual with these things, so let’s just hope I’ll be more efficient. Haha!

I’m not one who posts pictures of myself, so just for this introductory post, I’ll be more narcissistic so you can know me better ;)  This website is a curation of all my past and current works. Been working really hard on it for a few months, and I’m just really proud to say that it’s finally up (:

If you haven’t read about me, here’s a little background info:
I’m a Singaporean Chinese ( ≠ mainland Chinese) living in this tiny red dot called Singapore. Contrary to popular assumptions on my skin colour, my mandarin is pretty bad. Haha! I’ve graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a degree in Information Engineering & Media (I know its such a mouthful man).

Initially, I was accepted into the School of Arts, Design & Media with a portfolio that I painstakingly chalked up in a month, but having a typical asian father, he talked me out of it and appealed me over to engine school. Well, being a science student my whole life, I too felt that perhaps it was better for me. I guess we were both wrong because look where I am now. Hahaha. Although since then, my dad has gladly eaten his words and is a big supporter of my career in design! (:

On a more personal note, if you can already tell, I’m a lover of cafes, mostly for the ambiance, the quietness, the coffee and the company. I also hoard lotsa lifestyle magazines and graphic design books to feed myself with inspirations and just so I can stare at all the beautiful layouts whenever I want. Hahaha. I am also an avid film photographer who’s still very much learning to perfect the art. You’d be able to check some of them out on my Instagram  (#philophilms) or here on my site. I also travel quite a bit and I’ll be leaving for Europe in a few days. I’ll try to post about my trip here as much as I can over the next few weeks (:

Hope you’ve learnt a little more about me and like what you’ve seen so far! Do check back for more updates yea? ♥


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  1. Edwin
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    Phoebe you are the best !

    • phoebe
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      where got! but thank you so much leh ♥

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