Freiburg & the Black Forest

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Apologies for the long hiatus! Started work and was just so tired everyday, i just couldn’t switch on the computer to type another word. And i finally found some time to blog again because, i fell sick. ahhaha. okay, not funny because food poisoning/stomach flu wasn’t fun at all. but lets get on with the blog post ~


Here’s some xiao long bao for you.

So on Day 10, dad & i took a flight to Zurich (Switzerland) from Venice at 9.55am. and once we touched down, we were a little hungry and decided to grab some macs, because it was the most affordable food in the airport food court. i paid Fr 9.90 for a nuggets meal and to add ketchup was another Fr 0.20. like what? that’s about SGD 15. for comparison sake, a regular nuggets meal in Singapore is about SGD 4.80. most expensive macs meal ever *cries*.

We then picked up our Hertz rental car (waited ages for it) and drove for about 2+ hours to Freiburg, Germany, where my sis Chloe was having her exchange! Picked up Kenny who’s gonna join us for the next 5-6 days from the Central bus station, dropped off our luggage at our rented apartment, picked the sister, and we went to have some Chinese food coz my dad was craving for asian. hahaha. 10th day in europe and we asians couldn’t take it already. LOL. Let’s just say that everything in Freiburg was in pure German, hardly an ounce of english, and it was weird seeing chinese words next to german words on the menu and barely understanding either. hahaha. After which, we got some groceries to prepare for our small hike the next day!

Day 11 consists of us waking up early, then picking up Chloe and her Romanian room mate Iulia, and driving down to the Black Forest which is just a little bit out of town. No idea which mountain we trekked up, but the scenery was so so beautiful with all the fall colours, there was definitely nothing black about the forest at this time of the year ;)

When we reached the top (or so we declared. haha), we laid out our little picnic food on a bench and had our lunch. Just a simple ham sandwich with tomatoes and cheese tasted so yums with such a gorgeous background to accompany it. Imagine Riccola advertisements. ahhaha.


We took a different and longer route down because someone decided to be a smart alec, and the sun was setting (as it was getting closer to winter, the sun started setting at about 5pm). So when we finally got back to the car, the valley was getting foggy and we headed back to the Freiburg city center for this good bakery that my sister recommended called Cafe Schmidt (lol. most common german last name ever). They were known for their Black Forest Cake, which was apparently named after that forest! Bet you never knew, coz i didn’t. ahhaha. I actually hate Black Forest cake, but you know, since you’re there, must try right. Their cake had so much rum that my dad turned red after eating just a few bites. lol!

We then walked around town for a little bit with Iulia as our little tour guide as she told us about the history of Freiburg and we dropped by the Cathedral, Freiburger Münster, as well before heading to this Thai restaurant called Chada Thai for dinner. It was super recommended on food sites with 4.5 stars, and it was so good we completely agreed. Also because we missed Thai food so much. ahhaha. we were the only Asians in the whole restaurant and everyone looked at us like we were zoo animals -.- like come on, you guys are all ordering the food wrongly so watcha lookin’ at?!

Funny thing was, the thai waitress treated us so so nice, and immediately gave us chop sticks while everyone else had forks & spoons. ahhaha. we even ordered our food with the thai names, simply because, you know, we really eat so much thai food in sg, and they were so happy that we actually know whats good thai food. coz we noticed that the other tables normally ordered individual portions of fried chicken etc. But thai food is really good when you order many dishes to share! So look at our spread man… seriously, we were the only table that ordered like that.


we had tom yum, fried fish, phad thai, lemongrass iced tea, basil chicken, stir fried vegetables, green curry….omg so much for 5 of us. and with each dish placed in front of us we were like “wahhhhh…..” (not on purpose, the food just looked so good) and the other tables just kept turning to see what we ordered. lol lol. i found it so entertaining. hahaha. and we finished it all!


t’was such a satisfying meal i must say. so sooo yumz. 5 stars 5 stars. hahaha. we definitely had a good night’s sleep after that!

Next post will be about a day trip to Colmar & Strasbourg, France! Meanwhile you can keep in the loop at my instagram account @phoebe.philo where i’ll update about my blog postings or my Facebook Album #BeeingInEurope for the rest of the images of the trip. I’d updated there as well (:

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