Country Road-trippin’ Playlist

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country road-trippin' from phoebephilo. on 8tracks Radio. Now and then, we finding ourselves in a foreign country in a rented car without a good cd/radio station to listen to, and I end up curating a playlist in my phone to get us through the long drives. I’m no music connoisseur, but I do love a good tune (: TRACKLIST Francisco … Read More

Laumans’ Tile Factory

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Finally have a little time to update about my trip! haha. I really hope I’ll continue to have the liberty to edit, upload these photos and blog for the remainder of the trip. Anyway, the reason this trip to Europe (yes again) exists is because I’m accompanying my dad for … Read More

Hello there ~

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I’m phoebe…..and it’s been a long time since I’ve been blogging! So I guess I’ll pick it up again, updating this space with random thoughts, inspirations, projects and trips! I’m not really punctual with these things, so let’s just hope I’ll be more efficient. Haha! I’m not one who posts pictures of … Read More