Having a strong affinity or preference for; loving:
refers to brotherly love and is most often exhibited in a close friendship.
[Greek, from philos, beloved, loving.]

Hello, I'm phoebe philo tan, a self-taught Singapore-based designer / photographer focused on creating beautiful brands & visuals with an organic touch. philo design was derived from my baptism name, and I decided to put an emphasis on philo because I aim to build a close friendship with all my clients. Sounds so cliche I know, but having a sour relationship just makes everything really hard to do, don't you agree?

Apart from that, I feel that Singapore's design scene has yet to reach the potential of our western counterparts and I seek to bridge that. While at the same time identifying my clients' qualities and crafting a brand that will inspire their audience. I also love nature and anything organic / eco / vintage, so you might occasionally see me sneak some wooden textures or natural elements into my designs. Haha!

Outside of work, I love going on film expeditions around Singapore with my better half and my trusty Honeywell Pentax, spending quiet afternoons just soaking up the ambiance in cafes with a latte in hand, hoarding lifestyle / design magazines, splurging on vintage goods, and of course, travelling!
Everything on this site belongs to me unless otherwise stated. So please credit back to this site if you'd like to use anything (:


To capture daily things in the most beautiful way,
To let people see another perspective of things they overlook everyday.
To preserve moments that people can always remember,
And to evoke the exact emotion they felt at that moment the photo was taken.
That’s my motivation.